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At DELMarVA Judgment Services, we specialize in the enforcement and recovery of old and forgotten judicial money judgments. However, whether a judgment is recent or not, recovery can still be a slow, frustrating and time consuming process. The challenges remain the same. Defendants will continue to refuse to cooperate. They will use tactics to delay the recovery process. They will decline to respond by mail, by telephone or in person. They may use other aliases, change their telephone numbers, change employment, misrepresent their information or relocate. They will use any and all methods to avoid a settlement to satisfy your judgment. Their intent is never to pay, despite their promises.

If you have a judgment that is about three years old and money has yet to be recovered, the collection industry may consider your case to be "uncollectible." Because after that amount of time, there is a 99% chance of never recovering any money. Where other companies may have given up on the investigation and pursuit, we pride ourselves in completing the recovery process.

These are the reasons that professionals, business owners and others contact us. They appreciate our relentless pursuit of judgment debtors. Since a judgment can be assigned, a plaintiff, also known as the judgment creditor, can often receive cash sooner rather than later. Examples of other debt instruments that can be assigned to receive cash include:


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