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Real Estate Professionals

The innovation is that the seller can get much more cash for their property than is possible in a "traditional" sale. They sell part of a seller-carry back loan immediately so they get most of their money now and the rest of their money plus a premium when a balloon payment is made.

You can sell many more properties this way since owner financing is usually more attractive to a buyer than bank financing.

Everyone benefits:

  • You sell more properties.
  • You receive your full commission.
  • The seller can receive his or her full price.
  • The buyer can purchase a larger home.

Nationwide statistics reveal that 80% of all people who earn their real estate licenses are not in the industry two years later. This is true regardless of the gender, education, training, experience or ambition of the new licensee.

Our booklet " How To Generate Higher Real Estate Commissions," will show you how to you can go back and close many of your failed closings and to prevent failures in the future.

It will require some effort on your part. You will need to follow the details and the magic of what we call Temporary Seller Financing, but the result will be, for the average real estate agent, five more closed sales per year. Multiply that by your average commission, and you will see it is worth your time to learn this new method of selling real estate.

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